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          Customer service is our eternal theme, speaking from the essence, customers don't buy products, but to buy services, customers buy our production of electric vehicles, is mostly used to transport is they travel service and convenient transportation, if we don't have this kind of convenient service, but increased travel trouble, the customer is will never buy our products. So we should often visit the market, to understand the latest needs of customers. Continuous improvement and innovation of products, we will be invisible to the pre service into the tangible products required by customers. In order to meet the needs of customers.
          The company is a special service service project, that is the report when beautiful nimble service engineering. Good: is the service attitude is good, the service is warm and active, the language is decent and generous, the behavior politeness standard. The customer's questions to be patient to answer, to the customer's complaints to accept. Jie: the service is convenient. Simplify all unnecessary formalities, in the most convenient way to solve the problem of customer service, to avoid disturbing the layers of card customers. Time: is the service stress aging. Was able to solve the delay, take immediate, day can solve about when to take, day cannot be solved immediately reflected in the after-sales service, and inform the customer required time and vehicle turnover to customers substitute seek understanding.
          Report when beautiful nimble service concept and service is not limited to external customers, also includes an internal customers - employees, in the enterprise, management personnel to frontline staff's service and production staff to service for the sales staff, the process to service next process, each job can satisfy their clients. Only in this way can we better services to external customers.